ShareSansar Pro: ShareSansar Providing Amazing Features With Subscription-Based System

By Bishal Deep Basnet on Aug 29,2018 - 22:28

(Credit: ShareSansar) (Credit: ShareSansar)

ShareSansar Pro, or SS Pro, is a feature that has recently been released for the Share Sansar website. The SS Pro is a subscription-based system that will give you tons of benefits for subscribing. 

Share Sansar itself is Nepal's most popular online platform in the Share Market. We'll list out the benefits of using the subscription for your sake, but let's take a look at how to use the SS Pro first of all. So you can get a better look into what it really is. 


How to Use ShareSansar Pro


First of all, SS Pro can be used in any device that you can access Share Sansar's website on.

Right away, the first step is to visit the ShareSansar website. You'll need a ShareSansar account before you get the subscription.

You need to log in and then, just find the SS Pro button and complete your payments. Then you'll be good to go. 


How Much It Costs

As of right now, it costs Rs. 3,500 per year. This is a discounted price, so get it now if you're gonna need it!

After the limited offer ends, the pricing will go back to Rs. 5,000 per year.

For offline payment options, you will need to deposit the amount to ShareSansar's bank account in Sunrise Bank and call them on 977-1-4259786, 4265399, 4248628. 

You can also send the photo of the deposit voucher to Please mention your phone number and e-mail address in the deposit voucher. Here are the bank account details for ShareSansar's account:

  • A/C Name: IMS Investment Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • A/C Number: 0600470565701001
  • Sunrise Bank Limited

You can also visit their office at Dhalko, Kathmandu.


After you're done, all you need to do is go to and log in again. If asked for permission, grant the access to SS Pro.

And that's it!



Click here to check out the features.


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