Srivastav elected president of parliamentary committee

By RSS on Sep 21,2018 - 16:32

 Bimal Prasad Srivastav has been elected the president of the Industry and Commerce and Labour and Consumer Welfare Committee. 
A meeting of the committee today elected him to the post unopposed. The candidacy of Srivastav was proposed by Binda Pandey while it was backed by Gopal Bahadur Bam . 
Mukunda Neupane who chaired the meeting as the senior most member announced the unopposed election of Srivastav to the post as per the House of Representatives (HoR) Regulations 173 (4). 
Talking to the RSS following his election, the newly elected president pledged constructive support to the government, leaving no stone unturned to ensure the rights of consumers bearing in mind the festivals coming nearer.

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Citizenship certificates distributed at villages

A mobile camp of government officials has been set up at Shivanath rural municipality of Talloswarad, a remote part of the district, to distribute citizenship certificates. On the first day alone, 250 people from Sharmali were provided the citizenship certificates at the camp run with the coordination of the District Administration Office,

by RSS | Dec 09