Taskforce formed to recommend reforms in TEVT

By RSS on Jun 14,2018 - 13:19

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has formed a taskforce led by Prof Dr Pramod Shrestha to improve the provisions related to technical and vocational education and training. 
The taskforce has been constituted to change the legal and policy mechanisms of technical education and vocational training. The taskforce has been formed in the context when the government has adopted a policy to include technical and vocational education up to 70 percent in the curriculum. 
According to Ministry Spokesperson Baikuntha Aryal, the taskforce will recommend the ways to introduce one door system for TEVT operation which had been so far implemented through multiple channels. The taskforce will also recommend reforms in TEVT and Training Policy-2069. 
After assuming the office, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had made his first decision to establish at least one technical institute at all local levels. 
In the changed context, the taskforce will also provide recommendations on the proposed policy and institutional mechanism on technical education and vocational training to make the overall education system employment-oriented, skill intensive, useful and professional. 
Other members in the taskforce include Dr Sunil Babu Shrestha, Dr Rajendra Adhikari, Prof Dr Tanka Nath Sharma and Education Ministry's joint secretary Dr Hari Lamsal and under-secretary Dr Mukunda Mani Khanal will serve as the member-secretary.

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