Temperature of Manang drops to minus 16 degrees (Pictures)

By Alisha Shrestha on Jan 12,2018 - 20:57

frozen Manag frozen Manag

Cold waves have hit down all places of Nepal. Manang on an altitude of 3519 meters have frozen its thirst drive among locals. The pipeline is broken as flowing water has turned solid and crusted down the pipeline. The river of Manang district is also covered with icy surface. Locals are compelled to boil iced water and conserve their water source.

Drop in temperature is the reason for icy Manag. The tap does not function well from deforested water. Locals pour hot water and execute tap water. According to Chief District Officer Hari Prasad Pant, minus 16 degree Celsius temperature was recorded in Chame of Manang on Monday.

Locals of manang are compelled to skip outdoor activities since the day temperature does not show any improvement. They have no option, rather to lie beneath warm blankets day and night.

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