Two Indian Climbers die at Mt Malaku and Mt Everest

By Bishal Deep Basnet on May 17,2019 - 15:07

Two Indian climbers have been found dead while in descent from Mt. Everest and Mt. Malaku last night. 

The dead have been identified as Narayan Singh and Ravi Thakar. Narayan was a member of the Indian Army who was in a Mt. Malaku expedition. He died at a height of 8,200 meters while in descent from Mt. Malaku. 

Ravi Thakar, the Everest climber was found dead in Camp No. 4 in Mt Everest. He was in an eight-member expedition that was led by Noel Richard Hanna. Noel is a widely known climber.

Adding to the injury, another Irish climber has gone missing after slipping from the summit point. 

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