What will our world look like in 2030?

By Dhiren Rai on Nov 08,2017 - 09:17

What will our world look like in 2030? What will our world look like in 2030?

No futurist who has foreseen the future ahead of us will ever tell you exactly how and what will our world look like. They will simply make a careful analysis of the current advancement and show us what end result of all those advancement (in a particular field) will be in a certain phase of our coming future. It can be 2050, 2060 or millions of years from now.

As long as they make precise calculations, add in all the necessary bigotry and estimate a time period that will in some way resemble all those features foreseen in their future prediction. So, what will our world look like in 2030!

Here’s a few glimpses at some of the major predictions for the year 2030.

Global Population reaches a threshold

Population has always been a huge concern for many people who want to make sure that there is everything for everyone in the future. However, it might be troubling for some to understand that since the industrial revolution in the previous century, the population growth rate has been doubling each year at a very high pace.

Just ask India and China. They have so many people that they are facing problems in feeding them, provide job, and housing space to let them live. And this all will get even tougher as the population of humans will have cross the 10 billion-mark by that time.

Internet will be everywhere

It might feel like that we humans have been living our lives with Internet since the beginning of time. After all, we spend a major portion of our time on the world wide web aka the Internet.

Yes, many people have now been able to use the Internet but not everyone. With more than 2 billion population still under the radar of the Internet, we still have not been able to provide the benefits of Internet to all. However, that will all change in the year 2030 as the Internet will be everywhere like electricity. You might not feel the presence of it but it will be incorporated into our lives immensely.

Solar Energy in a depressing state

Yes, I know. Shouldn’t the coming future have renewable sources of energy and replace the old fossil fuel based energy generators which hardly impact our earth? Well, by the analysis of various experts, they have concluded that the Solar Energy will not have been able to prosper at all by the time we reach the year 2030.

With so much investment in the natural oil and coal production, no government or a business firm will be able to lose their track in terms of solar energy even though, the earth needs it to guarantee its future. But we are humans after all, we will wait till there is no other option to take except Solar Energy – meaning it will be late by then.

Substantial progress in medical frontier

Ah the medicine of the future! Scientists are working hard to ensure that medicines of the future will be able to produce amazing results by dealing with various life-threatening diseases which aren’t curable right now.

Diabetes might soon fade away with some cool new advancements in the medical field as scientists develop an antibiotic that can help regulate the sugar levels in our body. Many poor people who live in rural areas will to be able to excess these sorts of facilities.


By the year 2030, people all around the world will receive better medical and health facilities.

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