Mr. Virgin's Teaser Trailer Releasing in 3 Days

The first ever sex comedy Nepali movie Mr. Virgin is releasing its teaser trailer in just 3 days. So now you can watch the teaser and decide right now if you want to see the movie when it's released or not.

Mr Virgin; New Nepali Movie releases new song "Tulki"

The upcoming Nepali movie 'Mr. Virgin' has recently released a new song on YouTube. The song is titled 'Tulki'.  Suraj Pandit composed, wrote, and sang the entire Tulki song. Tulki is quite the upbeat song. With it's 'Deuda' style, the song is sure to get you filled with all the fun vibes. 

Best Nepali movie of 2017, you should not miss

The year 2017 has entertained us along, movie theatre. It’s a joyous moment for Nepali cinema, which has been targeting and influencing Nepalese since recent years. Be it a change in storyline morality or spectacular acting, theater business is comparatively doing a good job 2017 is a year of romantic movies like Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu, Prem Geet 2, A

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 20
9 Bollywood Actors/Actress in Nepali Movies

Do you remember an actor shaking a leg in Hamro Sano Ghar Hola? He is the same actor who reprised the role of big brother of actress Preity Zinta in the movie Kya kehna. There are many other actors who have shared their screen in Nepali entertainment industry and audiences have loved them in both of the facet.

by Alisha Shrestha | Nov 01