I did not mention non-parliamentary words, says PM Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said the Speaker of the House of Representatives removed the inappropriate phrases from parliamentary record as the expressions made by others were provocative, indecent and non-parliamentary. Prime Minister Oli further said he did not use any non-parliamentary words rather the expressions made by others in the House were provocative, indecent and inappropriate.

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Chief Minister Gurung raps appointment of 'party cadres' to judicial

Chief Minister of Gandaki state government Prithvi Subba Gurung has said appointing the party cadres to the Judicial Council was unfortunate. He said this while inaugurating the interaction on information and legal capacity enhancement on Civil and Criminal Code organized by the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs in Pokhara today.

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Parliamentary team makes field visit of Korala transit point

A parliamentary team conducted a field visit of Korala transit point on the Nepal- Tibet (the autonomous region of China) border in Mustang. A nine-member team of the International Relations Committee reached the border area for the study about Beni-Jomsom-Korola road project and infrastructure as well as the security status of the border point.

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PHC approves name of proposed chairpersons of four commissions

Parliamentary Hearing Committee has approved the name of proposed chairpersons of four commissions. Today's meeting of the PHC unanimously approved the name of proposed chairpersons of the four commissions—National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission, National Inclusive Commission, Madhesi Commission and Tharu Commission. 

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Parliamentary committee discusses land use issues

Experts have suggested for an act granting the people's right to the use of land with the provision of state control over it, if necessary. In a meeting today of the Agriculture, Cooperative and Natural Resources Committee; agriculture experts Krishna Poudel and Punya Prasad Oli, and Rastra Bank's former governor Deependra Bahadur Chetri suggested

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Hearing Committee unanimously approves Proposed Chief Justice JBR

Parliamentary Hearing Committee has unanimously approved the name of proposed Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher JBR for the Chief Justice post in the Supreme Court. The Committee had held the hearing with the Proposed Chief Justice JBR on December 30, 2018. Today's meeting was summoned as the last hearing had concluded inconclusively.

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Parliamentary hearing of proposed CJ on Sunday

The Parliamentary Hearing Committee under the Federal Parliament of Nepal has scheduled its hearing of proposed Chief Justice (CJ) Cholendra Shamser JB Rana on coming Sunday. The committee today held discussions with those people who filed complaints, arguing that Rana was disqualified to be appointed the CJ.

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Capital of province no 3 to be finalized thru voting

The next meeting of Provincial Assembly of province no 3 would finalize the name of its permanent capital. An all-party meeting held on Monday at the call of Speaker Sanu Kumar Shrestha decided to finalize the capital of the province through parliamentary process. Deputy-Speaker Radhika Tamang said that initiatives would be taken to finalize the issue

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Yet another parliamentary committee formed

A new thematic committee has come into being in the federal parliament. The new parliamentary committee is the Committee on Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the State's Directive Principles, Policies and Responsibilities. With this there are 15 parliamentary committees. The new committee has been formed in accordance with the Article 54 of the Constitution of Nepal

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Parliamentary Committee endorses Mishra as new CJ

The Parliamentary Hearing Committee has endorsed Om Prakash Mishra as the Chief Justice. A meeting of the Committee today unanimously endorsed the name of Mishra proposed as the new CJ. The Committee conducted hearings on complaints filed against Mishra before giving its approval to appoint him as the chief judge of the Supreme Court of Nepal

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Rastriya Janamorcha welcomes PHC decision on Joshi's rejection

Rastriya Janamorcha has welcomed the decision of the parliamentary hearing committee (PHC) on the rejection of then Acting Chief Justice Dipak Raj Joshi to the new Chief Justice at the Supreme Court. Issuing a press release on Monday, Chairman Chitra Bahadur KC stated that the party had protested the previous decision on the recommendation of Joshi

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Acting CJ Mishra allocates task

After the parliamentary hearing committee (PHC) rejected Deepak Raj Joshi to be the Chief Justice, Acting Chief Justice, as the senior most Justice at Supreme Court, Om Prakash Mishra, allocated the task to other Supreme Court Justices today. Joshi took leave after he was rejected by PHC. So, Acting CJ Mishra allocated the responsibilities to other Justices

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Government has no authority to fix province capitals: Law Minister

Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Yagya Bahadur Thapa has said that the government does not have the right to determine the province capitals. He said this while inaugurating the Safal National Industrial Trade and Second Mobile Fair, organised by the Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry and sponsored by Laxmi Group, at the Pokhara Exhibition Centre today.

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Dalit Presence in Parliament is still a low key

Political leaders were hesitant to vote for Nripa Oda as the party’s mayoral candidate in Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan City as Nepali congress (NC) proposed him as an eligible candidate. They objected the proposal saying that Oda would not like vote from upper caste people and similarly upper caste won’t vote for someone like Oda. They believed that their party would

by Alisha Shrestha | Jan 02
New Provision of Registering Cases Online To Be Made Soon

Chief Justice Gopal Prasad Parajuli has urged the legal practitioners, who implement the rule of law, to follow the constitution and law.  Speaking at the 61st founding day of Nepal Bar Association here on Friday, he said that the lawyers who interpret independent judiciary, constitution and law should honestly follow the law. 

Result reveals: Dozens of renowned Nepalese businessmen defeated during election

The elections which were carried out on November 26 and December 7 had not only politicians running to win the parliamentary seats but dozens of renowned Nepalese businessmen as well. Many reputed and well-established businessmen took part in the elections with the same intention and desire to win a seat for themselves like the politicians.

by Dhiren Rai | Dec 13
High invalid votes found on parliamentary and provincial elections

The EC spent over Rs 5 million to teach voters in Ilam how to cast their votes but instead of getting better, the number of invalid votes in these parliamentary and provincial elections did not improve at all as tens of thousands of invalid votes have been recorded across the country during the vote counting so far.

by Dhiren Rai | Dec 12
Uneconomical and unreasonable spending needs to decrease after elections

Elections to the three layers of administration — parliamentary, provincial and local levels — have just concluded. And that has been a major achievement for all of us Nepalese citizens who dream about a nation where they can live prosperously. However, does the completion of these elections, truly benefits us and the country as a whole?

by Dhiren Rai | Dec 12
Corrected version: Mahottari sees tough competition; unexpected result may come

Analysts have speculated that unexpected results are likely in Mahottari district in the election to the House of Representatives scheduled for December 7. There are four electoral constituencies for the parliamentary elections in Mahottari district. There will be an interesting competition in all four electoral constituencies in the district mainly because of massive mobilization of money and ethnic chemistry.

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