Water crisis threatens wildlife in national park

Drying up of water sources has posed a threat to wildlife in the Banke National Park. The national park however was established some nine years ago for the expansion of the habitat of wild cat. Number of tigers has crossed 21 in the national park. Even there are wild elephants in the national park.

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CNP lacks male elephants for breeding

The Chitwan National Park (CNP) lacks a male elephant for breeding thus forcing dependence on wild elephants for the purpose. Two wild elephants named Ronaldo and Dhurbe are currently available in the CNP for mating. Rolando is available in the eastern area, while Dhurbe in the western area.

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New route to enter Bardiya National Park

Tourists are now allowed to enter Bardiya National Park from Chepang area of Basgadhi municipality-1 in Bardiya district. A route has been opened for the entry of tourists from Chepang area along Kohalpur-Surkhet road section. Mayor of Basgadhi municipality, Shalikram Adhikari, said that number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Bardiya National Park would increase

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Elephant kills mahout in Chitwan

Just a week after the appointment as the mahout in Chitwan National Park (CNP), a person was killed by an elephant of the CNP this morning. According to the CNP, the deceased is Buharilal Sardar, 27, of Kusaha-8 in Sunsari district. Another person saved his life by climbing up the tree, it is said.

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Second pair of rhinos to be gifted to China

The officials of Chitwan National Park (CNP) are preparing to send the second pair of rhinos to be gifted to the Government of People's Republic of China on August 16. Chief Conservation Officer of the Chitwan National Park, Bed Kumar Dhakal, said Chinese officials are preparing to take the gifted rhinos adding that the Chinese side is working

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CNP prepares to send Sauraha's rhino calf to China

Chitwan National Park (CNP) is preparing to send a male rhino calf to China. According to Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Director General, Man Bahadur Khadka, a team of wildlife experts including veterinarians from China and Nepal examined the rhino calf and verified it to be healthy enough to be sent to China.

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Rare spotted tiger found dead

A rare spotted tiger has been found dead along the Rapti riverbank in Sauraha. The mature tiger was found with neck injuries in the Rapti riverbank at the fringes of the Chitwan National Park (CNP), Information Official and Assistant Conservationist Nurendra Aryal shared. Authorities believe the tiger could have died in an encounter with another tiger last night.

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Camera Traps To Aid In Tiger Census At Shuklaphata

Shuklaphata National Park is one of ten national parks in Nepal, which protect 23% of the total area of the nation. Shuklaphata to numerous protected species such as Bengal Tiger. Swap Deer, Hispid Hare, Indian Leopard and many more.

Tiger count commences at Shuklaphanta national park

Counting of Royal Bengal tiger has started at Shuklaphanta National Park here from Sunday. The tiger census is being carried out by employing the camera trapping method and with the cooperation of the Park office, the District Forest Office and support organisations. A team of 90 persons including technical staff have been mobilised for the census, said assistant conservation officer

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Male gharial released into Rapti river

A male gharial has been released into Rapti river to serve the need of a male gharial for breeding. A male gharial let free into the Rapti and Narayani rivers before this was killed after being trapped into a fishing net last year, leaving the rivers without a male gharial.

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Rescued rhino released into CNP

A one-horned rhino which was rescued from Balmiki Tiger Reserve in India, and brought to the Chitwan National Park (CNP) on Thursday, has been released into the CNP today. The female rhino of about 15 years of age, which was swept away from the CNP in a flooding four months ago, was spotted at the Reserve, around 20 kilometers east

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