Over 300 taxi drivers face action

More than 300 taxi faced action under the special campaign launched by the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division. The Division took 337 taxi drivers under control for cheating passengers and took action against them. The Division has been launching the special campaign since September 6. Division Chief and Senior Superintendent of Police, Basanta Kumar Panta

by RSS | Sep 13
Action against taxis not installing printer metres

The Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology has started taking action against the taxis operating without installing the printer metre. The Bureau has swung into action against such taxis flouting the Bureau's notification to install printer metre and not renewing with it for long. Although 10,600 taxis are registered with the

by RSS | May 21
Sarathi cab; Find A Taxi by a Call or App

When queue for public buses were intimidating, we looked for an alternatives- cab. But, things were still unusual- hike in a price and usually, they would not drive to our destination because of lodged traffic jams. So, we dealt a cross section push and pull into crowded bus instead of bargaining destination and price into a cab.

by Alisha Shrestha | Dec 28
Taxi service now available from Bhojpur to Dharan

Taxi service has been started from Bhojpur to Dharan and vice-versa. Taxi service came into operation from today at the joint initiative of the Sagarmatha Taxi Entrepreneurs Association, Bhojpur and Sunsari Taxi Entrepreneurs Association. As per the agreement reached between the two associations, every day three Taxis will leave for Dharan from Bhojpur and an equal number of taxis

by RSS | Dec 27
Has the scheme of Taxicab Permits actually helped the needed?

April 25, 2015 the day which shook the entire Nepal and left it in despair and grief. The earthquake of 2015 cannot be forgotten as thousands of lives were lost and many families left in vain. Since then, the Government of Nepal has introduced a no. of schemes to help the victims of the earthquake.

by Aashish Vermaa | Oct 30